The Best Burger Joints in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is home to some amazing burgers! From The Bad Luck Burger Club to The 404 Kitchen to Joyland - there are plenty of delicious options! Read our comprehensive guide to find out more.

The Best Burger Joints in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is home to some of the best burgers in the country. From the Bad Luck Burger Club's signature lucky sauce to The 404 Kitchen's 404 burger, there's something for everyone. Music City is also home to The Continental's secret menu burger, Husk's classic burger, Gray & Dudley's GD Burger, Joyland's crustburger, Martin's brisket burger, Hugh Baby's slow-smoked barbecue burger, Fat Mo's classic burgers, Tennessee Brew Works' five-beer Creekstone Farms beef burger, and Bryan Lee Weaver's green chili cheeseburger. Brown's hamburgers and fries are also a local favorite.

And for those looking for something truly unique, there's the whole-animal butcher shop burger. The Bad Luck Burger Club is possibly one of the best burgers in Nashville right now. With a huge fan base, the traveling food truck can be found at the city's farmers' markets, coffee shops, and breweries, and offers its double burgers with American cheese, caramelized onions, and Bad Luck's signature lucky sauce on a potato roll. There are no French fries or tomato sauce here, but you can get a bag of chips to go with your hamburger.

Visit the truck's website for updated stops and dates. You'd expect a hotel restaurant to have a good burger, because guests usually want something quick and delicious before going to sleep. While technically The 404 Kitchen is associated with The 404 Hotel across the street, it's more of a destination dining spot for locals and visitors. Fortunately, they still offer the gorgeous 404 burger, made with two aged ground beef burgers, artisanal Red Rock cheddar cheese, Giffor's bacon, candied onion, romaine lettuce, and a spoonful of the kitchen's secret sauce. This fantastic cheeseburger is also available at Gertie's, the city's best whisky bar on the ground floor of The 404 Kitchen. With his latest edition, chef Sean Brock is officially responsible for creating three of the hamburgers on this list.

While The Continental focuses on a fixed-price menu of classic continental cuisine, such as pâté en croûte and ribs served on a wheeled cart, Brock has included another hamburger masterpiece on a secret menu. Limited to just a handful per night and served only at the bar, The Continental's hamburger includes ground beef from the same top-quality rib dipped in butter and garlic and served with exclusive accompaniments such as foie gras mayonnaise and cornichons and potato gaufrettes. If you want to feel a bit of high class while enjoying one of the best burgers in Nashville, Husk is your place. This classic burger is filled with double burgers of Tennessee-raised beef, onions, and lots of American cheese. Arguably one of Sean Brock's best and simplest culinary masterpieces, this hamburger is a tribute to the self-eaters of his childhood, and the chefs who have followed him in Husk's kitchen have maintained Brock's initial vision. To tell you the truth, many of the hamburgers on this list are a kind of imitation of the iconic California In-N-Out burger, but Gray & Dudley's stands out for being an original hamburger.

Made with high-end ground beef, American cheese, charred onion, iceberg lettuce and secret sauce G&D and served on a bun made by local baker Bobby John Henry, GD Burger is one of the best hotel burgers in a city full of great options. After chef Sean Brock left Husk in search of new horizons he continued his search for the perfect homage to the fast food burger he had created in his previous kitchens. At Joyland show your love for great gas station food with exclusive versions of chicken bar fried chicken crackers crispy French fries creamy milkshakes and this incredible burger. Brock buys his own private label beef which he grills and serves with a secret Joy sauce pickles onions and slices in a potato roll. Without a doubt it makes its customers happy. Brock's latest creation is the crustburger a hamburger crushed between two scones that have also been crushed like fine paper and grilled until crispy.

In case you simply can't decide between a hamburger and a barbecue sandwich the Martin's brisket burger combines both American traditions resulting in a meal with a ridiculous amount of flavor. As the oldest dive bar in East Nashville Dino's holds a special place in the hearts of many residents of the neighborhood specifically in the part where the aorta is slightly clogged with decades of delicious fat from eating several cheeseburgers. Although technically a fast food restaurant Hugh Baby's places an emphasis on quality by grinding hamburgers at home every day and serving the same slow-smoked barbecue that makes Martin's other Nashville restaurant (Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint) a public favorite. Fat Mo's are often overlooked in these lists and that's unfortunate because owner Mo Karimy was making great hamburgers in Nashville in the early 90s long before the current wave of gourmet breweries with menus of organic grass-fed hamburgers topped with cheese from a goat named Petunia on a roll baked with wheat milled with an old grinding stone driven by a team of unicorns. Brewery food is often an afterthought but Tennessee Brew Works in SoBro serves a fantastic five-beer Creekstone Farms beef burger that incorporates (as you might suppose) five craft beers. Chef Bryan Lee Weaver's obsession with authentic Southwestern cuisine is evident in the ingenious tacos and burrito selections at his small East Nashville joint but it may be the cheeseburger with green chili that best demonstrates his love for the region. This medium-sized regional burger chain has two locations in Nashville and both have become popular neighborhood spots for those looking for burgers that don't take themselves too seriously and maybe a cold pint as a side dish. Rumor has it that the reason Brown's hamburgers and fries are so good is because they haven't changed the fat in the fryer or iron in years but that's not true. There's no seating inside this East Nashville spot it's literally a shack that simply hands out some of the best burgers in town. This whole-animal butcher shop in the United States offers a remarkable hamburger cooked to order in its kitchen.