The Best Brunch Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee: A Guide

Discover some of the best places to have brunch in downtown Nashville! From Adele's favorite dishes to Ruby Sunshine's classic New Orleans dishes - there are plenty of options available.

The Best Brunch Restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee: A Guide

Café Intermezzo is a hidden gem in downtown Nashville that you can enjoy for a great brunch. They serve breakfast and brunch options all day and all night, so it doesn't matter what time you wake up. Be sure to try the toast with eggs benedictine or avocado. RH Café at Restoration Hardware is without a doubt the nicest restaurant in town.

Don't hesitate to book brunch at this perfect dining destination. Popular brunch options include grilled truffle cheese, smoked salmon, and scrambled RH. Visit the RH Café at Restoration Hardware brunch menu. Café Roze is a modern and elegant café that is open all day and specializes in freshly prepared options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Roze's brunch menu is varied, with several breakfast options, delicious salads, toast, and also excellent sandwiches. Colorful fruits and vegetables are found in most of Roze's simple, designer plates, creating a photogenic meal that tastes even better than it looks. If you're looking for an ideal spot for brunch, Cafe Roze is undoubtedly one of the best options in Nashville. Hearts is a brunch destination inspired by Melbourne, Australia, that reflects the heritage of its owners with an egg-based menu consisting of salads, sandwiches, healthy dishes and other favorites.

The Hearts design stands out for its huge floor-to-ceiling windows, perfect for its abundance of indoor plants, beautiful wooden furniture, and outdoor patio. The Fenwicks 300 is a new restaurant in the Melrose district of Nashville that has an extensive and affordable menu of classics for breakfast and lunch. Fenwicks takes its name from Kevin Bacon's movie “Diner” and has a perfect score in bowling (the Fenwicks place was formerly used as a bowling alley). You already know that Ruby Sunshine is a great place among the brunch restaurants in Nashville to soak up any sin that remains in your system because of the party last night, because it was born in New Orleans.

This famous breakfast restaurant began as a food truck and has since grown to include two locations in Nashville and one in Franklin. Of course, you'll most likely have to wait to find a table for brunch at this Nashville restaurant, but there's no doubt that the high standard of food among all the brunch restaurants in Nashville is worth a visit. Among Nashville's brunch restaurants, Adele's favorite highlights the best dishes on the menu for a Sunday banquet. Searching for the best brunch in Nashville can feel a bit like having an endless drink, as the options available are endless.

Elliston Place Soda Shop, a Nashville milkshake institution which opened in 1939 recently underwent a massive renovation and is an ideal place to enjoy a family brunch in Nashville. Monell's is a restaurant steeped in tradition, serving delicious Southern cuisine in Music City since 1995. Chauhan Ale and Masala House is an elegant restaurant that specializes in creative Indian cuisine and cocktails in The Gulch. One of Music City's most popular brunch spots is White Limozeen, an Instagram-worthy rooftop bar and restaurant located above Graduate Nashville. Located on a lively stretch of Germantown, Henrietta Red is an American restaurant that offers contemporary, seasonal cuisine.

Located in the heart of Germantown, Monell's Restaurant is located in an old Victorian-style brick house with a lovely adjacent garden. The restaurant is located in a beautiful old rustic-colored brick building that dates back to the 1930s. If you're looking for the best places to have brunch in downtown Nashville then look no further! Adele's in the Gulch is one of the nicest restaurants in town and it also serves up an amazing brunch buffet on weekends. Brunch favorites and delicious cocktails served with a drag garnish make this place a must-see when visiting Music City. Elliston Place Soda Shop underwent a massive renovation recently and it's now one of the best places to enjoy family brunch in Nashville. Monell's Restaurant has been serving up delicious Southern cuisine since 1995 and it's located inside an old Victorian-style brick house with an adjacent garden. Chauhan Ale & Masala House offers creative Indian cuisine and cocktails while White Limozeen serves up Instagram-worthy dishes from their rooftop bar above Graduate Nashville.

Henrietta Red offers contemporary seasonal cuisine on Germantown's lively stretch while Ruby Sunshine serves up classic New Orleans dishes from their two locations around town. With so many alternatives available you can try numerous brunch restaurants in Nashville over countless weekends!.